We put utmost efforts to provide protection to our home and utterly try our best to keep it safe from trespassers. As security reasons, we install these items: Window grills, computerized door lock, high fences and double lock security doors. But after putting these vast efforts it seems that something is still missing and we are not able to protect accurately. Well, You are missing warning signs which are available to provide better and profound security to your home.

Have a Glance At The Popular Warning Signs

Dummy Cameras:

Latterly, this trick is getting popular among the neighborhood. What happens is the dummy camera get installed at your premises especially above the main entrance door and if any stranger tries to get in then gazing upon it stranger will change his/her mind because of the fear of getting caught and this way you would be able to provide better protection to your home.

“Warning” I don’t dial 911:


This is hilarious, as the sign signifies the 2nd Amendment. To stop the chances of robbery in your house sign like this with a gun logo on it delivers the clear message to any trespasser that I am equipped with a loaded licensed gun and never think to mess with me. This security and warning sign provides fear in their mind and gives protection to your home.

Never Mind the dog’ Beware of the owner:


Though funny but convey the clear message to any stranger who tries to get in your home without permission. If you have a dog, then in the worst condition the stranger will get some bite marks only and he/she will attempt to pop in your home. But if you have this signage, hanging on the main door then they would not even attempt to check in your home. This is the beauty of this sign.

Protected by 2nd Amendment:


The warning sign of 2nd Amendment protects your home in many ways. It states the clear view in the mind of a stranger that the household of this house believes in 2nd Amendment, Obviously, they have a gun in their house, they are brave and trained people to face any critical situation.

So, this will provide waves of fear in their mind and will protect your home in a much better way.

Bottom Line:

Security and warning signs are available to provide better security to our beloved homes. They are capable enough to leave a sense of fear in the mind of trespassers and potential enough to let you have some moments of relaxing